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Just sounding out if there is a problem with mobile signals . Reception at home in UK on this fairphone 5 means I have never completed a phone call. EE worked on previous (Google pixel) but breaks up at the receivers end. I know a lot of variables but one is this did not happen previously and one is every person who I spoke to irrelevant of who phoned whom. Thanks

For what it’s worth, I was recently a lot in the UK roaming, mostly with EE, sometimes 3. No particular problems using my FP5.

I take it you mean that you have a contract with EE UK as a UK resident, and that you haven’t been able to make a single successful call with your FP5 in the UK since you received it?

It might be worth just getting a new SIM.

Otherwise, unfortunately, this sounds as though the unit is faulty, in which case there’s only one solution, get in touch with official support > contactsupport
Your phone is guaranteed five years, as long as you’ve taken the time to register for the extended guarantee.

Thank you. My original question was poorly phrased - I do successfully complete calls when I am roaming in the UK (well so far) and I am beginning to wander if it is the materials that my house is built of that affect any signal strength. I will experiment today

If mobile reception is poor in your house but you have wifi available at home you may turn on calling over wifi which is somewhere in the connection settings. Then your calls will be routed to your network operator via your wifi instead of via the mobile network which should give a very stable call quality as long as you are within your wifi coverage. If you leave your wifi it’ll automatically switch over to voice over LTE or 3G calling or whatever is available.
Prerequisites: Your operator supports wifi calling and you have a wifi at home.

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Thanks , have set use wi fi calling. Interestingly had to call the support line today (see above mess about ordering from the shop) and we had to give up on the call as the worker was unable to hear properly.

Wi fi calling was off!! and has since dropped out or turned itself off twice. But I at least now know what is going on and can keep an eye on it. Thanks

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@PeterJ: just curious who your network operator is (e.g. EE or a virtual network (MVNO) such as 1p Mobile).
I’m with MVNO 1p which is carried by EE, and 1p supports Wi-Fi calling, so when my FP4 is connected to Wi-Fi my network name shows as “EE Wi-Fi calling”. However, I’ve noticed that sometimes I don’t get Wi-Fi calling even when my wife’s Pixel 6a (also on 1p and in the same room) does. Sometimes reenabling “Use Wi-Fi calling” (Settings->Network and Internet->Calls and SMS->EE Wi-Fi Calling->Use Wi-Fi calling) reactivates Wi-Fi calling, sometimes not. Restarting the FP4 always reactivates Wi-Fi calling.
If I understand your post, this is similar to your experience.
Note that not every MVNO carried by EE supports Wi-Fi calling. Just saying.

Thanks for the information, very useful. My supplier is EE. Dropping out of wi fi calling is a new one to me but for sometime many of us living on this river peninsula have had to regularly check we were still logged in to the WiFi and not using data roaming.

Interesting; sometime my FP4 disconnects from my Wi-Fi and starts using mobile data; I never raised a support ticket because it’s intermittent and irreproducible and seems to have been fixed by Android 13.
I assume that your FP5 is on A13.
Losing Wi-Fi connection will of course turn off Calling-over-Wi-Fi until you reconnect to Wi-Fi.
Not sure what you mean by needing to check you’re still logged on to the Wi-Fi in “… this river peninsula …” unless it’s an example of your FP5 temporarily dropping the Wi-Fi connection as I describe above that my FP4 has done in the past.
And just to get back on topic, I find mobile reception and call quality generally very good on EE, both on mobile and Wi-Fi calling.
Did you log a support call about the phone dropping out of Wi-Fi calling?

Thanks for the points raised. I must admit I was not prepared for the interest it generated. Here the majority of wi fi is delivered through copper wiring and although I cannot link the facts there has always been a high chance that any appliance drops out of thehome wi fi and switches to data roaming. This as you can image is used very quickly if one is unaware of it. So most days I and others just check that the laptop / mobile phone is still connected to the “home hub”.

You mean that your Internet connection as provided by your ISP is over copper telephone wires. That shouldn’t have any effect on the Wi-Fi connection of your mobile phone as such, though of course it will have an effect on the quality of your Internet connection.

To avoid that, you might consider disabling mobile data when you’re at home.

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