Phone rebooting when playing games (Pokemon Go, Tomb Raider Go)


I have my Fairphone 2 for 3 months now, and I first experienced that problem with Tomb Raider Go. The game runs fine, very decent framerate, but it makes the phone heat a lot. And after ~10 minutes of playing, the phone reboots by itself. And now I have the same issue with Pokemon Go. I play also Pocket Morty, which heats the phone too but maybe it’s less resources consuming because I don’t remember having reboots playing it.

I get that the phone heats a little when playing, my computer does the same, but there it’s a lot, has the Fairphone such a conceptual heating problem that it can’t handle games ? That would be disappointing, and also weird since once again I don’t have framerate problem so it seems the hardware can run those games easy. Am I the only one experimenting this ?

Thank you

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