Phone only open for emergency calls! Askes for password I don't have

Suddenly (from one minute to the next) my phone asks for a password that I have no idea about. It has nothing to do with operator, pincode is working but then it asks for password. It is something in the phone. It is open for emergency calls and incoming calls but I can´t do anything! Have tried with diffrent passwords and phone says: “wrong password” and then, “now you tried five times, you have to wait 30 seconds before you try again!” Is there anyone out there who has had this problem?? Have written to support but they take some time to answer…/Lena

Sounds like you’ve somehow set a screen lock password - at least what you’re describing sounds like it. When you enter the wrong password 5 times, do you get a forgot password option somewhere on screen? Alternatively, do you have android device manager installed?

Hi. Yes I think you are right about screen lock but I have never put a password for that in the phone and I don´t get a “forgot password option” after five tries. And I have not installed android device manager. I`m really stuck!! :frowning:

If you never entered a password, maybe just pressing enter without input could help? (though, i think even you accidentally set a password it wouldn’t work empty and usually you have to repeat entering a password before it gets accepted).
Is it possible someone wanted to play a trick with you and set a password on your phone?

In worst case you may need to hard reset the phone.

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