Phone not working after being dropped

My phone was working fine, but today it slipped from my pocket while I was sitting and hit the floor. It didn’t seem like a hard hit, but, after a while I noticed my phone’s dead. I tried switching it on a couple times - the screen lits up and shows the Fairphone logo, but after a short buzz it switches itself off again. There is no visible damage, neither on the outside, nor under the back cover. I’m thinking about sending it to a repair shop, but I want to know if this happened to someone else with this model and maybe if there is a simpler solution.

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Sorry didn’t notice it’s an FP4 not an FP3 but you can still use the links to help get the FP4 versions.

As the phone is modular it can happen that contacts between modules work loose with the best of care.

Read the iFixIt detail on how to disassemble and resssemble. You can also check for damp etc. whilst doing so. ( Third link )

Read the ifixit then the official Fariphone way of removing the screen

Do not go past step 7 if you follow the iFixIt guide, up till then you do not void the warranty.

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