Phone non responsive - Motherboard broken?

Hello all,

I sincerely hope you might be able to help me, since I didn’t get any response to the thee (3!) mails I send to support.
My phone suddenly stopped working (nothing but a black screen) middle of April.
Charging the battery didn’t help, so basically, I’m lost as what to do and didn’t hear anything from Fairphone support, so I gave the phone to the local phone repair shop. They told me the motherboard is broken and there is nothing they can do.
Is this really unfixable? Can I send my phone to someone else? I’m not going to try this myself, as I’m too unsure I won’t make more damage.

Thank you very much for your input!

Kind regards,

If the phone was originally delivered less than two years ago, it could potentially be a warranty case (unless for instance there’s obvious signs of damage, or the repair shop did something weird). Whether or not it is fixable depends on what’s broken. Common age-related faults on the FP1 appear to be broken (replaceable) batteries and broken charging ports on the motherboard. The latter is difficult to solder, but it has been done. If the motherboard is truly broken it can be replaced (even via Fairphone) but this is expensive (repair prices, part only price).

Fairphone support has a huge backlog at the moment, so they’re very slow in responding. Also, did you not get any response? If you didn’t get an automated reply stating a ticket number, then something has gone wrong. If you did, and it’s been weeks, you can ask here, or call them (details at the very bottom of the support pages and the support request form). It’ll probably help to have your ticket number ready if you contact them.


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