Phone locked, need to access files before I reset

I changed my screen lock on my FP2 (non rooted) phone, and was not paying enough attention, and am now locked out. I know, really stupid!

I went to Android Device Manager after seeing various internet posts saying you could set a temp password that way, but all I have managed to do is lock it “even more” :frowning:

It looks like the only way I am going to be able to reset the password is to do a complete reset on the phone, but then I lose all my photos etc., which were only partially synced. Because the phone is locked, I can’t get my photos off. When I connect to the pc, it just shows no folders at all.

So - is there a way to get my files to sync onto google drive or something remotely, before I reset my phone? Or is there a way to get it to reset the password remotely since I am logged in to all my google accounts etc on other devices?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Use TWRP to copy your files.

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If you have an SD card, backup them on it. After that, you can reset your phone and restore your backup through TWRP again. There is a great guide on the Web to use TWRP :slight_smile: Beware : TWRP won’t save your images and audio files.

After that, you can save your contacts to a VCF file on your SD card or on your computer for extra security purpose. I hope my answer was helpful :wink:

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Don’t think this could work. Why shouldn’t the restored system be locked again?

Copying the files via TWRP (simply boot into TWRP and connect your computer, you’ll be able to copy the necessary data) is the only option IMHO.


Only if the phone’s not encrypted.

The newest version of TWRP (get it from is able to decrypt the data. (Thanks to @z3ntu! ;))


LOL. Not if one doesn’t know one’s password…

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Thanks for the suggestions, i will check out twrp!

Sorry for the long delay :pensive: . I think it should work, because if you reset your phone, you lose your screen password (indeed you have to unlock put your PIN code the when you boot it, but that’s all).

I am really stupid. I just noticed it had a padlock at the bottom. Touching the padlock took me to a different screen where I input my password and now I am up and going. Thank you for your replies, it was user error on my part.

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