Phone keeps turning itself off

My phone keeps turning itself off all the time, it’s been getting worse day by day. Now it has even turned stripey just before shutting down. I have just gotten a new microphone (second in less than six months) as people couldn’t hear me (I could hear them) and just before I switched to the new mic the calls sent to me didn’t ring. I tested with other phones and got a message that my phone was turned off, which it wasn’t. Also at the same time as replacing the microphone I put in a new battery as my old one was dieing way too soon. I’ve had Fairphone 2 since summer 2017 (or was it 2016?) and I’ve had to replace the mic four times, this is my third battery and I’ve also had to replace the camera and screen once as it started getting rainbow colours before turning all black.
As I’ve just replaced the mic and battery those shouldn’t be a part of the problem, so why does it turn itself off?

Warranty on the battery is 1 year.
Most Fairphone 2 batteries live longer, I guess, but that’s also depending on use and circumstances.

What exactly does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number?

Does it turn itself off, staying that way, or does it reboot?
In case of random reboots …


It keeps rebooting. Thanks, I’ll check the tips on that link!

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I can’t find Build number. Some of the info on my phone is in Swedish (I don’t know why they’re in two different languages) and I can’t find anything that could mean that.

Inställningar, Om mobilen, Version


I’ve tried all the tips and nothing seems to work. I changed from 4G to 3G and even then it suddenly rebooted when just lying on the table, the phone is really slow…
I have the latest Fairphone update and the build number is Android 7.1.2.


My phone seems to be getting worse. Not only it keeps re-booting, sometimes it doesn’t start charging when I plug it on without taking the battery out first and sometimes it doesn’t re-boot without taking out the battery.
Also now a few times the screen has started to turn stripey and today suddenly it turned stripey when checking messages and then just died. Also battery level had gone more than 25% just like that.

Perhaps the problem is with the battery contacts in the phone? If the battery is not quite making a proper connection I could see it leading to random reboots and turning off - also problems charging and maybe even other random issues.

It might also explain the battery level seeming to suddenly have gone lower - bad contact/increased contact resistance could mean the phone sees a lower voltage than the battery is actually charged to.

I’d try cleaning the battery contacts in the phone with something (ideally IPA), or maybe try inserting a piece of paper between the bottom of the battery (i.e. opposite end to where the contacts are) and the phone to increase the contact pressure. If that solves the problem, a permanent fix could be to bend the contacts outwards slightly.

Some FP2s are susceptible to bad battery contact. See this thread:


And this one, in case you didn’t come across this tip already:

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Thanks! I’ll try that! I’ve been emptying my phone from photos (and that’s been taking a while…) as the only info I’ve gotten from Fairphone is to test and start all over again with factory settings…

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Thanks I’ll test that as well. It’s only been a few months since I installed a new mic (I think that’s my fourth or fifth already! :roll_eyes: ) and since the last time I’ve had more trouble than ever before.

I still have trouble with my phone. Not only it still reboots, it also sometimes turns blue or stripey and then dies. I’ve tried all the tricks mentioned here, even re-started the phone, but the first thing it did after that was it turned blue. When I’m outdoors (phone in the pocket) my phone is always dead when I pull it out. To start it I always have to remove the battery.

On the official help line there’s instructions to re-start the phone with factory settings, but I can’t find that in my phone, The menu is in Swedish, and there isn’t any factory setting.
The instructions are 1. 1. Go to: SettingsBackup & resetFactory data resetReset phone
What I can do is go to settings (inställningar) → system → avancerat → återställningsalternativ → återställ WiFI, mobildata och Bluetooth / or/ Återställ inställningarna /or / Rensa all data (återställ standardinställningar)
I have done the Återställ inställningarna, but it didn’t help. There’s no factory settings anywhere!!! I’m getting desperate in here! I can’t afford to buy a new phone at the moment.

Now I even tried the next step; to kill the android, by pressing power and volume buttons at the same time. There’s the robot lying down dead and if you have Android 6 the menu should turn up, but if you have Android 6 or 7 you’d need to press first the power button, then the volume. But mine is Android 9!
And when I click for “Get in touch with our customer support!” Whoops! The page wasn’t found! :rage: :angry: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :imp:

Fairphone Support:

If you were set to factory reset anyway, here’s something with screenshots …


I’ve tried this a thousand times and as I have Android 9 now it doesn’t work.

Yes, I was referring to that part:

Regarding the “blues”, see this thread:

Spoiler: I had to exchange the phone…

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