Phone keeps rebooting

I dropped my FP2 and my screen is broken. At first it stil worked, the only problem that occured was that i couldn’t recharge it with a powerbank. The battery was always drained quickly. This morning i tried to recharge it. My phone appeared to be dead.

So today i read al the articles from this forum and tried several solutions.

  • kickstart battery on two ways (with power and without)
  • battery out 1/2 hour and recharge an hour and reboot.
  • save mode, power button and volume up (android robot with no command and no reaction)
  • battery is not bloathed (did the spinning test)

What happens.
Red light flashes and my phone reboots constantly and occasionaly tries to optimize my apps. After that it’s rebooting again.

Can someone help me?

This should probably go into this topic, but to be sure:

When charging the battery, did the charging light ever turn green?
If it didn’t, then it’s a charging issue, likely (but not certainly) caused by a defective bottom module. I’d suggest contacting support to see whether they agree and whether it’s covered by warranty.

Thanks for your quick reaction. No it never turns green anymore. I do think it’s a multiproblem. I will contact the helpdesk. I hoped someone had an great idea.

Update: I put a spare part of the bottom module in and my FP 2 and it recharged again. Then i put back the other in again and it seems to recharge with a powerbank after that i tried a normal charger, also seems to work. After a few minutes i checked the battery, the battery is not filling. Now my FP2 doesn’t recognizes the powerbank or chargers…

When i checked the site, bottom module is out of stack…disappointing!

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