Phone Jack coming loose

Currently using Aurisonics Rockets headphones. It works well with other devices but it’s extremely loose with my Fairphone. Any small movement the headphones became detached and I lost sound. Does anyone else has the same problem with different headphones? Thanks!


I certainly don’t have problems with my headphones. Have you tried a different set of headphones or an extension cable or something to see if it’s the same?

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Not yet but the same headphones work fine with other devices. Therefore I think the problem is the handset.

If it’s the handset then you’ll need to contact support for repair/replacement. So if you can test another set of headphones, I think that would be best first :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

I’ve got the same issue, albeit with a pair of Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones. They suit all other devices, except for the fairphone 2nd generation.

Did you contact Fairphone? I don’t know anyone else here in London who uses
a Fairphone. Otherwise I could have tested my headphones on it to see if
the problem is my handset or the headphones themselves.

Nope, I have not got in touch with Fairphone’s helpdesk yet to report this problem. But I could test another set of headphones to see whether the problem comes from the handset or the headphones. I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks very much. I’m going to find out if I can find anyone here in London
who uses a Fairphone so that I can test my headphones. I’ll keep you posted
as well.

It’s definitely the handset’s heaphone socket that sucks, not my headphones as such. I guess I’ll have to contact Fairphone’s support for repair/replacement.

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Didn’t know yours is generation. Mine is the first edition. I got in touch
with a friend in Hong Kong who bought the same phone but she said she has
no problems at all. I have emailed Fair phone but they have not reply.
I think you are right. It’s probably the outlet on the handset itself. I
only recently started using headphones with my handset and not sure if it’s
too late to get a replacement. I’m going to email Fair phone again.

@Chiman_Choi @Belle_Rosa_Khoung Was your problem solved?

So far, no one from Fairphone has gotten back to me and my friend said she
has no problem with her phone jack. Perhaps mine is just a one off. It’s
probably too late to get a refund now. I’m sure Fairphone is inundated with
emails and that’s why it’s been taking them ages too get back. I’ve given
up trying to get in touch.