Phone got wet - touch function not working

Hi all, managed to drop my FP2 down the toilet (don’t ask!), immediately took it apart (inc. modules) and dried as best I could, wiping contacts with acetone, the next day it seemed to work fine (amazingly!) until the evening when touch function went on the screen - it’s clearly getting some kind of inputs as it jumps around/‘fixes’ on certain points of the screen (ie. looks like it’s being pressed when it’s not), any advice?? Notifications still pop up etc & side buttons still work, I’ve left in a warm place for 48 hours disassembled, so it must be dry by now…? Would it be a replacement screen or more likely an issue with motherboard/contacts? Many thanks in advance!

Please check out the #waterwiki. You’ll find all the info you need there.


Thank you! Hope I didn’t turn on again too soon :frowning:

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They say rice can make it work again as it absorb the water in it I’ll also suggest #waterwiki. Hope this helps for future reader.

Rice can also damage the phone even further, as can be read in the mentioned #waterwiki .

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