Phone goes to sleep and sim cannot be selected on calls and sms

Sorry to bother you again but I have two new problems since the last update. After about two minutes of inactivity my phone goes into sleepmode despite having changed to “30 min” (of inactivity before sleep) in “settings” and “display”. This worked perfectly fine before. It is very annoying! Also i have two simcards, and i have marked “ask every time” which number to call or send sms from, neither of this is working any more either. I have tried to change simcard and restart but no luck.
Greatful for any idea how to fix this!

If you’re using Android messages app to send sms then there’s a small sim icon at bottom right where you can select sim card/phone number as sender for every sms.

No, i´m not using that sms app, on mine that doesn´t work. maybe i have to change app and not only change the settings

I’ve tried with “Android messages” and with “silence” apps. And it works with both. Which app are you using?

I have the square green icon with a smiling face on (sms messaging AOSP) ( whatever that is?!)

As sms messaging AOSP is imho not built in into FP2 MM (and I understood you’ve already upgraded to that version) it might not support multi sim. You may give “silence” a try. There you just have to long press send icon to select sim.

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Ok thanks, at least I know why.

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