Phone goes to airplane mode (and more!) during call

It has happened three times during the last few weeks: While doing a call (always when walking on the street), the call suddenly ends. When I look at the screen, I am deep in some settings menu, and the airplane mode is active.

In the first case, even turning off airplane mode didn’t restore my connection to the network. Only a reboot helped.
In the other two cases, I looked more closely, and found that the data connection has been turned off in the settings, plus the network operator changed from “automatic” (I never change this setting willingly).

It’s probably closely related to a topic I wrote a while ago: My ear opens all kinds of menus That was kinda fun in the beginning, but my phone going to airplane mode while calling is not.
I have since updated my phone to 1.8.7, tested my sensors using AndroSense. Any suggestions?

A stupid question: did you hair grow longer? The proximity sensor of the FP1 is not the best and it seems that long hair that gets in between keeps it from working. I had this kind of problems during my first weeks with my FP1, it really turned me nuts. Then the 14 years old daughter of some friends of mine told me the trick: press the on/off button before starting the conversation.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I guess my hair did grow longer, so that’s a possibility.

The on/off-button, alas, is not the best of options in my case: It hangs up the call (I found it impossibly inconvenient to do that via touchscreen).

Hi, I’m reviving this old topic because my phone recently started to do this quite frequently - just turn into Airplane Mode a few seconds into the call. It never did it before. Usually, just turning off Airplane Mode helps, but obviously this isn’t idea. I don’t know what could have caused it. Did anybody else make such an experience? Chrs B

Hello :slight_smile: I have the same problem here and it drives me nuts! A phone which stops all the time during calling as it goes in Airplane mode or other menus. Isn’t there an option to lock the screen during a call?

Please all tell us your network operator in order to find out any pattern. In the past some operators have stopped supporting the FP1.

The pattern I saw was that the proximity sensor of FP1 doesn’t handle longer hair too well. It works much better with FP2, but I never found a good solution for the FP1

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