My ear opens all kinds of menus

While I speak on the phone, my ear comes into contact with the touch screen, and sometimes opens up all kinds of interesting menus. In some cases, I believe, it even changed settings.

Is it possible to define a kind of “dead zone” around the top of the touch screen while in a phone call?

usually the screen should go black when you have the phone at your ear.
maybe your proximity sensor doesn’t work well. You can use apps like AndroSense to test the sensors of your phone. If the sensor really doesn’t work you should contact support.


Thanks for that hint. I tested my sensor, and it seems to work fine. Maybe my settings are wrong? Because I also have the problem that my screen does not light up when I remove the phone from my ear (e.g. to enter a number for dial menus)

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[quote=“Asperamanca, post:3, topic:5018”]
my screen does not light up when I remove the phone from my ear
[/quote]This also happens to me from time. Sometimes the phone is rather slow in reacting during a call. But it seems to work when I wait for some time. Then it usually lights up.

Waiting for something to happen is so 20th century…:slight_smile:

Thanks for that hint. I’ll try it out next time.


I have the same problem. But I installed this smart little program to help me until it’s solved :slight_smile:

Hi I have the same problem here, thanks for the advice I will try it :slight_smile:

If you have an FP2, then you have much better solutions available. The discussion above was about the same problem on the FP1.

Settings > Maintenance > Proximity Sensor
Einstellungen > Wartung > Näherungssensor

And/or check :slight_smile:

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