Phone Gets hot when reading maps

I read that there are still problems with a too warm fp4. Alsof with my Fp4. It happens after long use or when using when following a road with Google maps of Waze. What causes this and can it be solved?

The phone getting hot when running GPS navigation is pretty normal in my opinion. Especially if you are also charging the phone at the same time. All my phones did that. :man_shrugging: But other than that, my FP4 pretty much only heats up when playing games for a long time.


Today, after charging my FP4 (only to 42%) I opened Maps, and a notification popped up, warning that the phone must cool down before using maps. Recently, I also noticed that after using my phone as a navigation system on bike rides with up to 100% brightness, my phone felt really hot. Now, after charging, it actually did not feel as hot as then. Curiously, after the bike rides, there was no such warning.

Is this a software problem? Does your FP4 get hot (with or without warning) sometimes as well? Should I ask Fairphone to check the hardware on my device?

Thanks for your comments.

The difference could be that in the first case the heat is from the CPU which can get hot, maybe even 100°C is not a ‘danger’ and hence no warning. The CPU can throtle back it’s work load if it get’s ‘too’ hot.

When charging the battery a warning may show at maybe 40° as the battery, unlike the CPU is susceptible to failure from moderate heat.

So if the phone has been left in the sun and got very warm you may still be able to use the phone but not charge it.

Thanks for your answer

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