Phone function won't work correctly in Indian regions?

I wondered if anyone else had this experience.

My phone’s (Wiko) regular call function won’t work properly once it is in India. I’ve been there several times and I always use the local SIM cards. I have enough money on the prepaid cards and all the functions and apps will work, online- and video-calls too.
But for regular call I only receive an error-sound and I also cannot be reached by any calls. This problem disappears once I land in any airport outside the country. I did NOT have this problem in China, so I’m wierded out a bit. Anyone figure this to be more of a hardware or a software problem?

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Please keep in mind that this is the Fairphone Forum, so we can’t really help you with a Wiko device. I’d rather write the Wiko support an email or ask a Wiko community.


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Why was this topic closed?
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Consider having a look at

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Possibly some users searching for help with their smartphone will find a link to this forum not knowing, that Fairphone actually is a brand.
They might rather consider this to be descriptive for the help that is given here.

And I really wouldn’t dare to say, that they are totally wrong. :grinning: