Phone function is not really working

Hey there,
I have a FP1 (first edition) and I haven’t had any problems until some months ago. Very often I can’t make a phone call. The screen stays normal, as if you would call somebody but in fact nothing happens. As well my phone doesn’t react when someone calls me, the call doesn’t ‘enter’ my phone and it appears not in the list of missed calls. While the one who tried to call me gets only to my mailbox.
Since a few days now, when I achieved to call somebody, the call was disconnected after some seconds, but still the screen stayed as if I was calling.
Is there anyone who can help me?

Looking foward to your answers,
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I have this only after the phone was not rebooted for “too long” and/or using “too many” apps. The latter I clean regularly via the app listing button and swipe unnecessary apps away.

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I think this could also be a SIM card issue. Your SIM card might need to get replaced by a new one. You could also just try to use the existing SIM card in the other card slot.

It seems that this often happens with older Android versions. Unfortunately there are no new Android versions for FP1.

My FP1 sometimes takes 10 seconds between pressing the “call button” and when the caller screen appears.

Ps: a temporal solution is a #dic:hardreset

Thanks a lot you three!
Rebooting and changing the sim card slot didn‘t help. But I will try a new sim card and the hardreset…

Thanks a lot!

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