Phone doesn't start. Black screen, green LED blinking

Hi folks,
my FP1 second batch doesn’t start anymore. It keeps a black screen, though the Led blinks green in longer intervals after pushing the ON button. First, should this blinking tell me something?
What could be the problem?

Short history:
I changed the screen about six weeks ago. Then I had the issue with the proximity sensor, the screen turning black whenever I made calls. I used the workaround “start button ends call” for a while now and now tried cleaning the proximity sensor. Without sucess.

Instead it didn’t turn on anymore. Re-opened, checked for loose connections inside. Then i noticed the green Led after pressing the ON button for about three seconds.

Thanks for any input.

The blinking LED might indicate an empty battery. Have you tried charging your phone for a while (~1h)?

It’s a new battery, fully charged. That should’nt be a problem (unless the phone short-circuits the battery or or sucks ot empty within minutes)

It sometimes occurs that there is “waste energy” in the circuits. Take the battery out and press the power button to release that “waste energy”.

Are you talking about a FP1 or FP2? Anyway, does it boot if you attach power to it with the charger (usb cable) and if you keep the battery in at the same time?

It’s FP1 second batch. ‘Waste energy’ seems not to have been the problem.

Battery in + charger has no effect, other than showing me the green Led for full battery.

Can you get into recovery mode?

Can you access the boot mode screen from there? “Vol up + Power on” Can you see any LCD back light while pressing the buttons?

Nope, BUT
power + volume down gives me screen shot sound ???

which i couldn’t reproduce. And the green Led blinking seems gone, too.

Sounds like the phone was on without the screen being active. The green blinking led could then have been a notification from any app.

That sounds entirely possible. I still suspect it has to do with the proximity sensor that failed earlier.
Or the screen isn’t hooked up proberly - i mean, it’s a new replacement part, and it worked before, but the bug with the black screen started after installing it. It feels like a hardware thingy, but in the meantime i opened again and doublechecked. Which connection is for the screen? probably the big on the mainboard? - it sits sort of loose, so i don’t trust it to stay on when i close the phone.

Thanks for all the replies so far. Problem is anything but solved. If anyone has further input or experiencing the same problem i’m delighted to hear from you.

I would open it up and recheck all screen connectors (the “flat ribbon” cables). Also check if you can “talk” to the phone by using adb (if you had usb debugging switch on before …)

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The cable must not be loose. I have had this problem before and I had to push a bit more than I’d usually dared. The connectors are tough to get back in place sometimes.

I re-re-checked the wires. Either they’re broken inside, or the connection doesn’t seem to be the problem after re-re-checking. Gave it a thorough push. I’m close to giving up. Tomorrow I will get an IPHONE from a buddy because I actually need to make phone calls. Everybody has their own reasons for not having an Iphone, so do I. My love affair with fairphone was intense, but short.

The advice about adb looked interesting, and I’ll experiement into that out of sheer interest, but I hadn’t switched usb debugging on, besides I doubt it’s a software issue.

Yep, but if you can talk to the phone … it would mean that the screen might be the “only” problem. I’m sure you know/used/checked the ifixit guide already. What ever you will do next … all the best!

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