Phone doesn't ring

And this despite the fact that the volume for rining is almost at max.

It vibrates well as that option is set. But no sound comes out the phone when receiving a call.

Testing the ring DOES work though.

Maybe you have turned on “Do not disturb”?


It’s off. But good question.

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May the ringer sound file be either damaged or replaced?

Did you already reboot the phone?

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Not yet, but I remarked that some times I get strange bugs and that I need to reboot the phone…

But that’s really annoying as it is the regular use that gets prevented now… :confused:

The preview works. :slight_smile:

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Ok, this shouldn’t happen too often. If you suspect a faulty product, you should contact support …
Be prepared for them advising you to reboot in safe mode or to factory reset.

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