Phone doesn't remember default SIMs for contacts (Android 13 update issue)

Hi all,

after updating to Android 13 I can’t make calls using the Bluetooth interface of my car.

When I try to make a call using my car’s Bluetooth system the call never starts and if I check the phone I see the attached picture (


As you can see, the phone is blocked asking me what SIM to use. However, both SIMs choices are disabled and I can’t chose either.

Something similar happens when I make a call from the phone, despite having set the first SIM (COOPVoce in the picture) as the default SIM for everything (


However, when it happens from the phone, I can at least choose the SIM and solve the problem as this time they are not greyed out.

To sum up, after the update to Android 13:

  1. I can’t make call using my car’s Bluetooth system as the phone stucks EVERY TIME waiting for me to choose a SIM (but both SIMs are greyed out)
  2. despite having set SIM1 as the default SIM for everything, THE FIRST TIME I make a call (this time using the phone, not the Bluetooth interface) to a contact it asks to set the default SIM (fortunately, when I make another call to the same contact the phone reminds what SIM to use and doesn’t ask again)
  3. using Android Auto I have a situation in between. Android Auto asks me to select the SIM to use and makes the call correctly but if I call again the same number Android Auto asks again to select the SIM. Apparently, the chosen SIM is not remembered.

Please note that from the Bluetooth car interface it stuck even if I have already set the SIM as explained in point 2. In other words, using the Bluetooth car system is ALWAYS impossible (unless I use Android Auto, this time it behaves as explained in point 3).

Any idea?


Same Problem.

Solution is to start the Call from Android-13-Screen (My Car stand still, but Motor is on).

If during the day somewhear call my, there is no Problem.

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