Phone doesn't charge anymore

At this point, my phone doesn’t charge anymore at all. Also not when I turn it off first and then start plugging it in. I tried multiple cables that work with other Fairphones, but not mine.


  • soon after I got my FP3 it stopped charging with te cable I had.
  • I bought a new specific kind of cable and that worked for a long time.
  • a few months ago, my phone didn’t charge anymore.
  • I tried a few things that didn’t work, so decided to just buy a new bottom module.
  • with the new bottom module my phone charged again, everything was going well. I was relieved.
  • after 1 month or so: nothing, it doesn’t charge anymore.

Now, what do I do?

Did you also change the charger or only cable? Either way you should still have warranty (24 month) so I would contact support


I know the Amazon links don’t have the chargers available currently, but the pictures there still better show what to look out for with the contacts.

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