Phone calls: other person suddenly can't hear me anymore

I have the same problem. People complain they can’t hear me very well, that I’m breaking off but I can hear them just fine.It happens with and without microphone. I pay attention to cover the proximity switch to deactivate the touch screen. That and the fact that people can still hear me a little bit tells me it’s not an accidental activation of the mute function. I use the phone professionally so this is really becoming a problem.

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I’m having a similar problem to the person directly above. People can hear me slightly but not well enough.
I have been working around it by only calling people using speakerphone, but this is annoying when in a public place.
Someone suggested that it could be an issue with the atmospheric mic, is there a way to test if its this? Could you recommend an app?

Hi, same problem here

I’ve also noticed the sound recorder stopped working right after the problem appeared. Can this also be related to the proximity sensor?

Hope this gets fixed soon.


I’m in sweden so can’t be the same.

Having the same problem. I tried turning off screen but not working (so not the proximity sensor). I have to turn on speaker to be able to make a call. Have made contact with support today.

Just a quick mention that it seems there are different problems being reported here, which may or may not have the same cause. To avoid confusion, I’m listing the most common ones (but unfortunately there do not seem to easy fixes reported on the forum for any of them).

  • Microphone works in the beginning of a call, and then stops picking up any sound:
    This topic. In most cases probably related to the proximity sensor.
  • Normal microphone doesn’t work in calls, but hands-free/conference calls are OK:
    Also discussed here.
    Note that if you also notice that audio recorder doesn’t pick anything up, but video recorders do pick up sound (as described here), there is also a possibility that there is a hardware problem in the bottom module. (Speaker mode and video recording use the secondary microphone, which is in a different module).
  • Microphone picks up sound, but audio quality is poor:
    Also discussed here.

Ok, fixed it! I needed to… put a new bottom module! :joy:
FP guys sent me a new one and now it works great.
Probably a defective module…
See You :wink:

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Which module was broken?

I guess he means the microphone module which includes:

  • Microphone
  • vibration Motor
  • Loudspeaker
  • USB Port

Mine seems to be the case a new microphone module is needed. I’ve contacted Support earlier this week, is there a way to speed up the process?


I have also contacted support regarding a new bottom module.

FP should answer You asking more infomations and giving instructions, You need some patience because they tell me they are facing a backlog in answering. :wink:

I actually got answer in 2 days time.

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I’m happy to announce that a new bottom module fixed my problem.

Haven’t heard form Support, It’s two weeks now.

Having the Same Problem.
When recieving or making a call, the other Person can’t hear me at all most of the times, sometimes they can’t hear me like really muffeled .
Tried an Update, a Factory reset, tested the proximity senor ( which seems to work). Any solutions?

Short update to my problems:
To make sure that the proximity sensor is placed directly to my ear I had no more disrupting calls.
But can anyone tell me something about the yellow frame around the display? In that case there is no more reaction touching the screen, it looks like the screen is a little magnified. I have to press the on/off button to return to the normal mode.
Thanks for any explanations.

I really like the FP-Idea, but it seems I have the same problem: people complain not to hear me in good quality, often disrupteed. That goes together with the FP2 ending calls several times saying that ther would be no mobile network, even there is a lot before and afterwards…
Any hints?
Best regards

I think you may have a different problem - this topic describes people on the other end suddenly not being able to hear you at all, despite you being able to hear them perfectly well. General (i.e. from the onset of the call) audio quality issues are discussed here, but seeing as you also have calls that cut out often, probably this is a better match:

Note that these things can be hardware related (couple of examples in the topic linked above) - in which case you’ll need to a file support ticket (or call them) so Fairphone can sort it out for you.

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Solved with new bottom module