Phone call interruption

Sometime during a phone call (no matter if I use a headset or not) the call interrupts and my Fairphone (Batch2) shows only a black screen, no matter what I do. After a few seconds of black screen the phone returns to life and shows the red cross at the connection symbol and reconnects to my service provider again. This problem exists since I have my phone and across different OS versions.

I made a few searches in the forum, but could not find someone with a similar problem. Thank you in advance!

Is this the same issue?

I can confirm that I have experienced also troubles with canceled calls from beginnen of the FP1, most likely due to bad reception ot the network (reason seems unclear…just by turning myself about 180° with the phone at my ear I can trigger a disconnection of an established call connection sometimes.)

I remember there are some forum topics, I guess it was still in the old forum, and will look up later for this.

The matter with the blackscreen from @andi_roe only happend once or twice…

Sounds similar, but is not the same. In my case, the phonce call is terminated and I do not have to remove the battery. I just have to wait for few seconds and afterwards the phone connects again and I have to call the caller once again.


I also encounter the same problem from time to time (once per month in average). I don’t know why, it seems to happen randomly. It seems like a reboot but without the “long” time of boot with the blue screen and I don’t have to type the PIN code.

It’s quite annoying but don’t happen very often.

Had the issue at the last two days, too. Call interrupts and I only see a black screen (today the phone vibrates a little). I removed the battery and restarted the phone after it. So I don’t know if the phone had come back to live after a while.

Maybe this is related?