Phone call audio really loud in the beginning

Everytime I make or receive a phone call the volume is really loud in the beginning. I have to press volume up and volume down to make the volume lower (pressing only volume down doesn’t do anything because the volume thinks it is already in the lowest). I think this is related to the absolute volume setting which I had to disable from developer settings because the sound volume resolution is so coarse (only fifteen steps). Is there anyway to fix this issue with having also the absolute volume disabled? Thanks!

I have the same problem with my FP3, but only when I use earphones. And it is only at the minimum level that the volume is as loud as the maximum level: when the volume is at the level just above minimum (or any volume level above), the volume is normal (I think this is why you have to press volume up and then down to make a normal volume).

So my temporary solution is to set the call-volume level to the one just above minimum before any call.

Also, after pressing volume up and down, I ear not difference between the minimum level and the one just above, maybe my ear just doesn’t detect it, but at least the difference is very slight. This is another problem, but maybe it is related to the previous issue.

Deactivating and re-activating absolute volume does not change anything for me.

Does anybody know how to fix it, or have the same issue? Thanks in advance!

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I guess you found a perfect solution or at least a really good workaround for the problem. If the second lowest volume ist quite the same as the lowest and everything works fine that way, so what to solve?

Hi, thank you!

Well I would say it’s a good workaround because it happens that by accident, when changing the volume, I set the call volume to minimum, so the next call breaks my ears at the beginning. So it would be better to fix this, but it is not a very annoying issue

Problem is as said ‘what’s to fix’ I have two FP3 for 2.5 years and no such problem.

Could be some app you are using. If you can save your data maybe do a factory reset without any SD card to start with

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