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What is the best way to charge the phone in order to have the battery last the most possible over years?
When it is completely empty? When it is almost empty? When it is mid empty? Every time it’s possible even if it’s almost full? Let it charging whenever possible even when it’s totally full?
Or it doesn’t matter?

It should always be somewhere between 20% and 80%, so say some experts.
But to be honest, I’m not willing to serve the phone or its battery, the phone is there to serve me.
So I’m charging the battery whenever it is handy, possible and necessary and most of the time to 100%. Battery live is always to short so I don’t want to limit it by using only 60% of the capacity.



Battery ‘life’ is down to two things, extremes of heat and cold that cause damage and overall cycles that cause general wear.

Rapid charging produces heat, so you could charge at a slow rate and to do that use a charger that does not support QC or PPS. You can charge from a computer USB port but try one with a blue insert.

A battery of 3000mA will take in theory 3 hours at 1A the blue computer USB provides a max of 0.9A.

There are losses so it would take at least 4 hours maybe.

You can tell the heat by holding the phone and charging, if it is very slow doesn’t produce much heat, whereas charging quickly at 40% will produce heat.

Cold is not good try to keep the phone above 10° not to worry. The amount of charge depends partly on temp as it takes more energy when it is cold.

I tend to charge around 40% so as not to worry if I want to go out and often charge to around 90%.

As far as longevity goes, what is your concern. I have a Samsung Alpha for well over ten years and still get 2 hours of using it as a media player.

Are you concerned about the battery dying within a few years and the cost of a new one or the environmental cost ?

If the later, in line with Incanus, I bought the phone to use. If I was concerned about the environment I wouldn’t buy a phone. :slight_smile:

There are a whole lot of different opinions about what is “best” for the battery.
In reality it should not be the customer who has to care about that in any case. So unless you’re willing to micromanage your battery state, I suggest to keep it simple: Using the battery from what is shown as “100%” down to “0%” is the range the manufacturer deemed appropriate. Ideally there are some internal reserves at both ends that prevent too much damage.
With that in mind I’m not afraid of using the full range when I need to, but otherwise follow the simple rule of keeping it roughly between 20 and 80% - as already pointed out by @Incanus - when it’s not too much trouble for me.


Have a look here…

@Incanus @anon9989719 @mde @gefr
Thank you very much for you explanations (some of them very detailed :+1: :+1:) and opinions which give me a good overall view of the question.


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