Phone barely usable after 2 months, SUPPORT are you THERE?

I experience several problems with my phone which makes it barely usable. I will have to buy another one if I don t get in contact.
But I cannot contact the support via this homepage, because it simply doesn t send my request even though I filled in everything into the form (all the numbers). But others in this forum wrote they don t reply anyway, even if you have successfully gotten a ticket thats no way to get in contact - at least not in a reasonable timeframe.
Next try: post here yesterday - by now no reply.
Next possibility: call - quite expensive from Austria and obviously the line is very busy too…

So,…dear Fairphone, why do you sell very expensive phones, that very frequently do not work, leave no adress to send it back and no sensible possibility to contact you (at least for international customers)!? I am quite angry by now because I spent so much time not being able to use the phone and trying to contact you…

I need an adress where to send it back SOON, or better to give it back for good because I have lost faith that this is ever going to work. It being broken after 2 months is not my understanding of sustainability. Is there a possibility to give it back and get my money back. Otherwise I just donated more than 500€ - and even though I would like to be able to donate so much, I am not. I need a functional reliable device and a support that answers within a few days!

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