Phone accidentally got in washing machine

When I was visiting my parents last month, my mom accidentally put my phone into the washing machine (it was in the pocket of my pants). After she discovered this, we let it dry, and I left it with them. Now that I´m visiting again, I tried turning it on; the screen has 2 small cracks and I can only unlock it by dragging the “new sms” symbol. Afterwards, there´s not much I can do because a message like this pops up: “Battery is overheating, please remove it”. Also, if I take the battery out and connect it to the PC it says that the drivers couldn´t be installed. When I plug it in it seems to charge just fine.
So I´m wondering, is there any way to repair it or do I have to buy a new one?
It would be really cool if it was possible to replace defect parts, but I don´t know much about this.
I would´ve sent it in for repairs, but I live in Germany and it´s rather complicated and expensive to do this!
Any help would be appreciated :smile:


that sounds not good and I don’t know much about thinks like this but have you opend the Fair Phone by drying it?
Perhaps there is still water in the device and you have to open it for drying. You can by a new Display and assemble it by yourself but I would wait with this until the battery problem is solved (I hope by drying the battery sensors).
If you know an other Fairphone owner you might try to use his battery at your phone, maybe it is really a battery, not a sensor problem.



Thank you very much for the instructions!
Sadly I don´t know any other fairphone owners!
Currently it doesn´t show the battery message anymore, so it seems to work again?
Right now I´ve taken it apart so the parts can dry should there still be water inside somewhere, and also it´s ready to have the new display installed. The lower half of the touchscreen doesn´t work (that means I can´t get to the home menu and check if for example the cameras work :(), so I´ll buy one and see if that fixes everything :blush: Your link was really helpful!

Please check out this topic (especially @humorkritik’s post about silica).

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