Phonak L hearing aids and app connection

I bought Phonak hearing aids after trying the former edition. Now I have Phonak L the newest. These hearings aids don’t stay connected with the phone. I’ve read that you can choose ‘stay connected’. I really have no idea how I can install that I don’t get the off and on noise in my ear when im a bit of distance from the phone. Or do I only have the choice stay connected and here the off and on noise or wait terribly long when I manual choose the connection with the app.

Isn’t that a setting in the app from Phonak?

No, actually this is an option in the deeper settings of the hearing aids.
It’s actually only one checkbox.

In Germany these settings can only be changed in the hearing aid shop.

Ok I will ask them to check how it can be changed. But in the app it says it has a new possibility in the app itself

Good to know. I didn’t check the app, because the usability was pretty low, since it always disconnects after a short while and if I want to change something quickly, I need to wait many seconds until the connection is up again.
And I can’t change the main programms. I can only create new programms for specific situations but not a flexible programm for many hearing situations.

At least that was the status last year.

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