Philips screw stuck. How I fixed it!

I could not be heard when I phoned people. I ran the tests : microphone was dead. I am used to dismanteling fairphones but one philips screw, that attaches the bottom module to the mother board wouldn’t turn. It was absolutely, complety stuck.
I tried dismanteling the mother board and trying to pull out the screw holding the metal bolt that it was fixed to but that didn’t work.
So I drilled through the screw with a n° 2 size metal drill bit. That did the job without any damage to the rest of the phone. Hoping this can help someone!


I’ve had the same issue, except it was stuck in the module. The module came off. So I could not use it in the new module. After I received a new screw (+ backups), I got my new module attached correctly (it worked regardless, it seemed). Eventually, a year or so later, I was able to unstuck the screw which I tried by sheer coincidence.