People call me but the phone doesn't ring

Hi all,

I have the following problem, I’d like to know if anybody of you has experienced the same and if you’ve found any workaround.

To put it in a nutshell, people calls me and my phone doesn’t ring.

Sometimes I get to know about it because I get an SMS from my phone operator saying something like “Number xxxxx called you at yy:zz while your phone was not reachable”. Sometimes I don’t get that message either and I just know about the lost call because people tell me “I’ve called but you were not reachable”. I wonder how many times it happens and I just don’t get to know…

I have two SIMs with two different operators and it happens with both of them.

Another funny things that could be related is that sometimes I can see BOTH icons (it never happens to just one of them) in the top right corner (the ones with the signal meter icon) with a “x” on it, as if there were no signal coverage. It happens both when I am at home and when I am at the office, two places where I’m sure there is a very good signal coverage. When I can see those “x” icons the “LTE” label is also changed to “E” or “3G”. Usually it’s just a matter of waiting a few seconds or refreshing a web page for everything going back to normality (i.e. “LTE” reappears and “x” on signal icons disappears, changing to good signal strenght).

It appeared months ago and I’ve the feeling it’s getting worse as it looks to be more frequent now. It’s happening around once every 2-3 days that I get an SMS or someone saying “I called you but you were not reachable”.

Any idea?


The cross means there is no data enabled not no signal and you can only enable one SIM to have data

So if you have enabled selecting the best network it can switch and turn of data maybe.

Do you use a PIN for the SIM cards, if so ensure you have one for each # read about something similar on the forum.

The cross is related to data connection, you’re right, my fault.

In the mobile data configuration I have checked (on the SIM I use for data connection, and I use always and only the same) “automatically select network”. This is a setup I have since the beginning and never gave me any problem. But this is about data connection not about phone calls.

Yes, I use a PIN on both SIMs but it’s always been the same since the beginning.


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