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Character limit is now 7. Try not to spam the forum to much guys! :wink:
(I don’t want to see posts that only say things like “yes”, “thanks”, “i agree”,… the like button covers all of that)

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So tempted to write only “THANKS!” :stuck_out_tongue:


This is regarding forum feature HYPERLINKS.
It would be better if links leading to a page outside of this forum would actually open in a new tab instead of in the same forum tab. (same tab is ok if it is a link leading to another topic within forum).
Sometimes in a topic there are outside links, to cover-producers or other software etc., and it would make more sense to be able to continue reading the original topic.
Maybe this could be programmed in the “insert hyperlink” popup? to choose ,new tab’ or ,same tab’.

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I disagree actually. I think all links anywhere on the web should open in the same tab. New tab links are bad for usability, especially when there are inconsistencies as to how they’re applied throughout the web. Opening links in new tabs is pretty simple.

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no problem :smile:
Actually I know this from other German forums that they do this distinction, it had to do with the liability or something for the contents of a posted link by the people responsible for a forum.
Maybe I am so used to this distinction that I forget to go the press-left-mouse-button-to-open-in-new-tab way.

Why not use the mouse wheel to open links in background tabs?

I do when…I have a mouse :stuck_out_tongue:
I tend to open a new tab always because I like to be able to come back from the link exactly where I left the starting page, so I always use the mouse wheel, but if you use a touchpad or any other input device without a “third button” you have to remember to CTRL-click to open another tab and I find it annoying :smile:


This is a per-user setting. Go to your preferences and look for “Open all external links in a new tab”.


because it is not possible.

you mean in the browser (option does not exist) or within FP forum (where?)?

And then under ‘other’


@Johannes @erlend_sh thank you! :blue_heart:

(oh, it opens a new window, not a new tab - even though it says “Open all external links in a new tab”. strange.)

Maybe this is a browser setting?

Don’t think so. Normally links open in new tabs when I surf…

Anybody noticed recently changed behaviour while pasting links?
before they where stored at the end of the composed text as
Which I really liked, adding a good overview over the composed message.

Now the links are directly pasted into the text which I don’t like as I get lost if I use 2-3 links in a short text.

Anybody else annoyed by this and can/want we change it back?
Cheers, Robert


I agree. the old way was better. Maybe discourse changed it because sometimes editing a post with lots of links and adding another link messed with the order of the links… I once had to redo every link in a post as they were all wrong. But still I prefer the old way.

The composer for Discourse is currently being re-written, which is why it changes a bit with each update. Unfortunately, there’s not yet a toggle switch for inline or reference style linking, though it was being discussed to add later. The posts relevant to this discussion on the discourse forum start here, with this post pointing to a possible future changeable setting for it.


I think it would be cool if icons would work in quotes an links too, e.g:


Regardless of the fact that the new smileys are ugly we should fix our self made smileys and finally add the :nl: flag.

Now when I type :) enter it results in :slightly_smiling: instead of :smile:.

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