Pedometer hardware sensor in FP4?

I got my Fairphone on Friday, and decided to use /e/OS to get away from Google. Now I’m expecting a phone to have a pedometer to track my steps, but it’s not there out of the box at least. I’m wondering: does the FP4 have some hardware sensor for this or does it have to do it with location/software? I’ve tried the Pedometer app from F-Droid but it doesn’t seem to get any hardware reported steps. Or is Google Fit required for this?

The reason I’m asking here and not on the /e/ forum is that I want to know about the actual hardware in FP4, if there’s no sensor I’ll just have to make it work with some app. Thanks!

I’m using the app com.tayu.tau.pedometer on a FP4 with /e/OS, have set it to hardware

and it’s counting.
So I don’t think it’s a general problem with hardware or OS.


Thanks for your reply! I got the same app as you and if worked! After tracking with that one, the open source pedometer started getting stepd count as well, so it’s working now. Now I just need to find a good Google Fit alternative to store my fitness data


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