Peace Of Mind - Flight Mode timer available on FP?


The customer support told me during our telephone call that the Peace of Mind app is an integral part of the Fairphone experience and will therefore be available on FP2.

Btw… I like this feature so much because I do regularly just set the timer when I go by bike and wear my phone in my jeans so radiation is kept to a minimum. ;).

Hello there,

will the Peace Of Mind app with Flight Mode timing capabilities be available on FP2?

It’s my favourite Fairphone feature software-wise…


The community on this forum do not have the answer to this… Fairphone haven’t released any more details than you will have already seen.

There is an app on the google play store called Peace of Mind + which was adapted from the open source code for the app, so that will still be available.

It would also be possible to download the apk file from the current Fairphone OS and install it on another phone.

I do believe though that there was a change in Android KitKat which changes the coding of flight mode and so I don’t think the app would work without some further work…

Yes, the additional work required to get Flightmode switching to work would be to root the device… Do You know if rooting will still be easily possible with Fairphone 2?

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FP2 will not be rooted on default, but the Fairphone Team say that it will be easy to install modified versions of Android due to the unlocked bootloader. (Source).

Here is my personal opinion on this:

I invite you to read some more posts on this topic. :blush: