PDF-viewer showing double pages?

Is there a FOSS PDF- viewer which is able to show double pages? If there is a photograph over two pages this would be very nice.

There are many PDF viewers on F-Droid. Did you try them ?

I tried some. It is cumbersome.

Unfortunately, in my opinion all FOSS pdf viewers suck. That’s why I use Xodo. I download new versions via the Linux application https://framagit.org/tuxicoman/googleplaydownloader. I’d love to use a good FOSS viewer though.

Unfortunately I have the same impression. Maybe it is difficult and time consuming to write a good reader.

Maybe your Linux application runs on Mac OS X too. A little (?) problem is my ignorance of Unix installation routine.

MuPDF does not suck. You can criticise their UI, but it works, and it do its job flawlessly with a simple and good UX.

No double page view, though.

Writing “a good anything” is always time consuming. But anyway, what FOSS lacks is good UI/UX designers.

You can use the multiplatform Raccoon. You just need Java runtime (JRE) installed on you Apple-machine and execute the.jar file.


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