Pdf readers which work

for half a year no pdf reader usable now - really not helpful when I have to take a flight or in other cases
I read that quite often in this forum that the pdf programs do not work anymore
any hints which one would to now ? preferably from f-droid ?

the 3rd question today … about this user-friendly system…

You could have opened just one thread but OK… PDF viewer works perfectly for me and is available in F-Droid


I’m quite happy with MyPDF


Why not? What’s the problem or error message?

At least 2 links to respective posts could help others understand more about it.

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity (see #angelsmap), you could ask whether they would be able to take a look at your various troubles.


thanks a lot - tried yr suggestions - does not work either
I am having a slight suspicion that it has to do with my file browser… because I cannot upload files to my mail site either…
I 'll check …
Thanks to all :slight_smile:

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