PD Charge Mode Fairphone 5

I have a cool charging cable with a display that shows the actual charging power.
When in Fast Charge Mode AND charging reduced to 80% maximum, I have the following issue:
When loading for the first time, I get the full 30watts charge power with PD until 80% is reached.
When charging again later, the power will be reduced to only 15watts permanently.
The phone will only load with 30Watts again, when once switched to eco charge and back to fast charge again.
I think, that is a bug? Or is there any good reason for this behaviour?
I tested with different PD chargers with the same result.

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It’s quite possible that this is working as designed, but I haven’t yet found the documentation (quick search only). Explanation:

  • Battery longevity can be improved by limiting the charge whenever possible to 80% (or lower) AND by charging slowly. Therefore protecting the battery is best done by doing both.
  • Fast charge is useful sometimes when you’re in a hurry. Setting the Charging mode to fast, while keeping Battery protect ON, would allow you to get a one-off fast charge, but then the phone could return to Eco charging rate the next time and stay that way until you next toggle the Charging mode.

I think you might find that if you turn Battery protect off, then Charging mode will stay on Fast charging. (This isn’t what I would recommend.)

IF this is the design (and designs of this type exist) then ideally the Charging mode should return to Eco in the user interface as well as in fact.

However, that’s speculation. I would advise you to contact official support.


Hello, I also use one of these cables with a display for charging speed.
It sometimes has the same effect that the speed drops.
It usually helps to turn the USB-C cable on the charger by 180°.
Then it charges quickly again.
In my opinion, this is not a bug in the FP5 but rather a faulty communication with the charger and the USB-C cable.
A few years ago, the German IT magazine “c’t” published a detailed article about USB-C, charging cables with display and negotiating the correct charging and connection parameters.

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