PC + FP2: WLAN access only via USB tethering instead of WLAN USB adapter

Hi there,

problem for some weeks: WLAN access from desktop computer, Windows10, in combination with a WLAN USB Adapter (https://www.tp-link.com/at/products/details/TL-WN821N.html#qrcode). Access only some seconds or minutes possible.

However no problems by using USB tethering with the FP2!

The only possible solution for me is buying a “better” WLAN USB stick – as good as the WLAN access unit of the FP2 (don’t know the English wording).

Question: someone a recommandation for a WLAN stick with similar properties as the FP2 WLAN unit?


The FP2 should have no issues connecting with older hardware over wifi, so I think your computer has a driver problem.

I have used the TL-WN821N in the past to connect the other way: connecting the phone to a hotspot set up on the computer. That was no problem. I do not have the device at hand right now to check your setup, though.

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