Pc access to internet over Fp4 local network?

Hi everyone,

I’m changing my subscriber-setup (1 - mobile broadband for internet to pc, 2 - telefone). I got the bright idea, that the phone could be used for internet-access for my laptop, instead of a full subscription of it’s own. I got the gist, that I needed to set up a local network on the phone and then access it from the laptop. That didn’t seem as too difficult and I could have sworn that I used the new connection (instead of the Huawei modem/router connection with it’s own subscription) and watched video all night long. My fiddeling was intented to asure myself, that I could do without two subscribtions. Alas, this morning, after having abandonned the broadband subscription, I couldn’t get things to work. The local network is accessible on the laptop, but the provider dismisses it’s call. The helpdisk suggests that the problem is at the telephone - though the dismissal seems to suggest a provider error.

The thing is, that I can spare money and get far more data for the new subscription. I do think that this gives the provider a motive to be very stupid when it comes to support my intend.

The broadband-subscription runs out in a month, and the shared data makes it possible to pop this message.

anyone have a suggestion or link?

cheers Carsten
latest update: Fp4TP1V.C.073.20230905
did not see any Android version

doo …
I seem to have misunderstood what is possible and what’s not

I hope you found the hotspot function on the FP as this is what you need, when I understand your initial post correctly…

I want to use the telephone as a substitute for the modem/router that provides internet to my laptop. It seems viable when you find the telephone-local-network/hotspot stack up next to the modem/router-button-list on the pc.

But, don’t be fooled … it will not bring you to the internet.

I’m just not the brightest bulp in the telephone-world

I’ve never noticed that I need my modem/router to access something like an internet-google search … with my phone?
Will the mobile modem/router still work once its subscription expires? If not … the phone cannot find the net on it’s own ? What am I missing? (I pay for free talk, free data)

Not sure I can follow you really.

To access the internet with your FP you need mobile data through your SIM card or Wlan=Router. using hotspot/tethering function on your FP you could share your mobile data to your laptop, e.g. through Wlan, so your FP would be your Wlan Router.

So when you have a data plan included in your mobile phone contract: enable mobile data on the FP (settings-network), than enable wlan Hotspot/Tethering on the FP (settings-hotspot) and search on the PC for a Wlan called like the Hotspotname on the FP


yvmuell, thanks for helping out. I’ll try to be as specific as I can

There are 2 sim-cards, one in the mobile Huawei router and one in the FP, obviously. Both sims share data, and there are currently plenty. I think that the sharing is taken care of by the provider. The counting of data-use on the Huawei router is not just half a month off, but has not counted last nights use of 16GB (they are counted on FP).
I’ve checked the setting ‘mobildata’ and it’s always been turned on. You show another image that has the settings that I use. Now I ought to have two choises on the laptop on which network I want to use: the Huawei one representing the router, or the local network we just created on the FP.
Locking on is slow and messaging is imprecise. The general event is, that the press-FP-wifi-netaccess-button will activate a small yellow warning on the wifi-bottom-frame-butten, and, eventually I’ll get the message that the provider dismisses the connection-call. I’ve turned the FP netsharing over bluetooth OFF. Now, both connections are present on the PC, should they be turned on both? If I turn the Huawei off, nothing will work.

How would I best construct a google text to lurk relevant pages out in the open? The last I used brought a swarm of advice for phones to use the pc-network - that’s sort of the uppersit master/slave-order

After fiddeling a bit, the lower wifi-button has text saying that PC->FP connection is alive. And that Huawei can be turned on (meaning that it’s turned off). The list of local networks on FP shows Huawei is connected.
And, the net is present enough for me to write this. The only changes has been the bluetooth thing.

yvmuell, I’ve had the FP for more than a year and it’s bought for payments when I’m on holidays. I prefer to use text when I’m in contact with people. As 70-yearling phones are not funny ;o)

Thank you

I get lost again from this phrase: what does it mean you created a local network? Normally you dont create soemthing you just enable some way of tethering/hotspot and thats it.

Where is this FP wifi netaccess button, and where do you see a yellow warning?on the PC? Do you use windows or linux?

Both means Huawei Router and FP? both are seperate devices and each provides its wlan to access from PC and I guess no the PC can only use one at a time.

the Huawei router should have no influence on what the FP does unless there are somehow restrictions from the provider or the PC connects automatically with this and interrupts the connection to the FP. To prevent such, I guess you could turn off the router.

And Wlan on instead?


For the sake of the experiment: I turned the Huawei router off. It’s symbol on the connections-list has gone, The FP connection is still present and works as expected!
That’s a minor wonder.

that means your problem is solved?
I’m having also an issue following exactly what you want to do. And what you did to be honest. I guess you use unconventional language to express yourself.

I cannot be more specific about the problem than what I expresses in the first nine lines in the first post.

To be short: I want to access the telephone internet on my laptop, without any intermediating devices.

That would depend on how I do the settings on the phone - and that’s where I’m fairly blank.
In hinsight I should have turned “internet share through Bluetooth” OFF … and nothing more, except for also turning “wifi-hotspot” ON (erect a network), but that was understood.
Explaining the user-interface on the pc is a lost battle …

after reading the posts again I realize that it’s unclear if I solved the problem. Yes, after turning the Bluetooth thing off, things did what it was expected to do. Problem solved.
The pc gives faul messages, but … as long as it works ;o)

Before starting my ordeal I tried to googl the differences between “modem” and “router”. I got the meaning proberly, but it’s already too old expressions … my net-device has both and is both without anyone even trying to explain the proper “etiket” of the device despite of me asking. It’s just a “Huawei”. Add “mobile” and we are in a whole new world. On this status of affairs I knew that I would have a hard time of explaining myself. I have 15 years of programming-experience (no learning). I achtually wrote a small “messenger” once … it worked except where Microsoft did not live up to expected standards.

I see. That’s what I got from the first message as well but. In the later ones it sounded more complicated.

In principle there are 3 options:
Wifi hotspot (as explained already)
usb thethering
Bluetooth thethering requires bt on the computer

USB thethering might be preferable if you want to use it for extended periods of time since then you have to connect your mobile anyways.

yvmuell last long post arrives at the same time as mine right above it. That may confuse.

I had a serious belief at some point, that I had totally misunderstood what’s possible … that only pc → FP was doable, flipping the direction. That was stressful since I already had acted (let go of the router-subscription).
I don’t really respect the phone-thing. First thing I did when I bought it was getting a keyboard to latch on to it. I’ve never really talked in it … oh, yes, when an imposter “from the police” got my data. No harm, but I quickly had to renovate bank-accounts and such. When you’r old you have to give a lot of leeway to much younger people (different culture) … that’s why we are so easy to fool. So, I don’t spend more time on it than absolute necessary … and havn’t developed any language to use.

Is it not possible to tether your computer to your phone? I do that with my laptop when I am a the road.

I had this set up a long time ago. I had a dock for the phone with a data connection, and set the phone to use USB to share internet. The dock was connected to my home router, and it had a fixed IP address for it that became the default route. So some work to do.

Alternatively, yes, the WiFi hotspot.

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