Paypal crashes when trying to login

3 day ago paypal started crashing when i login, tried reseting paypal, reinstalling it but still the same. Is it me over its the same for everyone?

Hello, just checked as I never used this app. Installed and logged in with no issues. Sorry …

I do not have any issues as well. Login with Passkeys is working fine.

thanks for everyone. then its a problem with my device.

I had the same or a similar issue. The app started correctly. After using fingerprint authentification the app crashed.

There was an app update. The current version 8.54.3 works for me as usual.

I hope the issue is fixed for you after the update as well.

Nope, deleted paypal and redownloaded it from gplay store (stock os no root ect) but still. type in email + password click login and app crashes. removed fingerprints still the same. :confused:

Contact PayPal support

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For Payment with PayPal you don`t need this App. I do it with a Browser (Firefox) and have no problems with my FP5

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