Payment reminder for cancelled orders

Anyone else got a payment reminder last night? I had accidentally ordered two fairphones but cancelled one of them and now got reminded to pay the order. Because I didn’t want to contact support directly (they probably have plenty of things to do) I wanted to ask if that happened to others as well.


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This is probably a case where contacting support will be worth it because it might even safe them time in the long-run: The sooner they fix this issue, the less time they will have to spend with requests from people who received this payment reminder.

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Alright, I’ll do so.

Anyone else with the same problem?

I moved this into the Help category. It’s not a bug in the phone software.

Same here. They do not seem to be interested in fixing this issue - or even in acknowledging that they actually have an issue. I received a reply that they have manually disabled the reminders for my order. To me it sounded like all they intend to do is accepting to stop bugging those who complain.

I found this annoying also because they provide a no-reply address in the reply-to field of the reminder email. Then you need to go digging through their website to actually find a form to tell them to stop spamming people with canceled orders. Just a big hassle, but I guess they mostly care about the revenue they might get from the few of us who change their minds. Not cool.

A couple days after writing them I got a an automatic notification that the order got cancelled. They might have had a bug in their system that our cancellations didn’t get through. Because it seems that only very few people (us) experienced this problem, I think it was a mistake that only happened to a small amount of users.
I can not imagine that most they care about is the revenue they could get from people deciding different. In the end they are a NPO.
I did not find it difficult to click the provided “Support” link in their email to be forwarded directly to their submit request page on their website. By filling out a request instead of replying to an email, I can imagine they can process the ticket much faster in their system.

Yes, I could be wrong, and this may be an isolated issue. My order was showing as “canceled” in their system, though, so I’m quite sure the cancellation had gone through.

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