Payment for Fairphone 2?

I ordered the Fairphone 2, and got a confirmation email from Fairphone,and on my account it is listed as “waiting for payment”. I opted for “bank transfer” bot I can nowhere see a payment information, meaning an IBAN and BIC code with which I could make the payment to Fairphone. I also have not received any such information from a third billing company within 24 hours, as alluded to in the support Q&As. So where can I get this information, it must be in the interest of Fairphone.

But since I seem to be the only one with this problem I might do something wrong or have something overlooked.
This is how the confirmation email looked like:

Order number: 200041866
Payment method: Bank Transfer
Shipping method: Shipping - DHLExpress

Item Sku Qty Subtotal
Fairphone 2 8718819378006 1 €437.50
Subtotal €437.50
Shipping €11.50
Total (Excl.Tax) €449.00
Including tax (20%) €89.80
Total (Incl.Tax) €538.80
Order placed on September 7, 2015 10:50:39 PM CEST

If you have any additional questions about your order, please check the FAQs on our Support page. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, feel free to contact our Support Team.

Kind regards,
The Fairphone Team

Fairphone B.V.
Jollemanhof 17
1019 GW Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0) 20 788 4400
KvK 55901964

NL 8519.04.270.B.01
DE 116/5919/4225
BE 0537.735.336
SE 502073638401[/quote]

Have you checked your SPAM folder?

I think its best to contact them directly, because I don’t think the community will be able to help you.

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You are far from alone.
There is even a FAQ explaining that the mail from their bank often get cathegorized as spam.

As some internet providers like mine do not convey very spam-like mails at all to customers which i think is good, checking the empty spam folder does not solve the issue…

I don’t understand how a serious bank can fail to formulate a mail, i do not understand why fairphone keep using such a bank and instead tell users to read spam, and i dont understand why not the payment details could have been in that mail the thread starter posted an example of above. Or even at a page on their site. Sigh.

I guess Fairphone folks are overloaded with such requests. I posted Support Request #63396 a week ago now, about my order i made the day before. Still no answer.

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Hi @alexis312 and @Morgano,

Sorry to hear of your negative experience. I understand from our support team that they will be in touch with you by private email today.

I’ve also passed on your feedback to team members who handle payment issues.

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Yes I got contacted :smile:
Nice to hear fairphone have a lot to do ( = lot of interest ) ,
and that they are hiring two extra support consultants now.

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Thanks für your nice reply, Joe. But as described by Morgano, the ordering procedure is unfortunately so unprofessional that I had to cancel the order. My old phone has a little defect, so I had to decide between waiting with the “crippled” phone for a couple of month for your nice fairphone or buying a new other one. After the disappointment with your procedures I opted for the second version (it will be one with a battery that can be changed, at least). I hope I can come back to you with purchasing Fairphone 3 or 4…