Pay the FAIRPHONE 3+ in Several times

Hi, I’m wondering, Can I order spare part after spare part to have a final complete phone (to pay it in several times).

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For the moment, you can’t buy the core-module separately. It was possible for the FP2 via, but not (yet) for the FP3. So no.
If the core-module is one day sold the same price as the FP2’s (225€), then the phone would cost 490€ (which is actually not much more).


If you want to pay in installments, you might want to look for FP3+ offers by third party dealers (find them by setting the Fariphone shop settings to your country and the website should show you some – or have a look here: ✏ List of Fairphone 3 Resellers). Some of them might offer payment in installments. Or perhaps buying the a Fairphone with a contract from a telecom company is also an option for you.


PayPal has recently started to offer installments, too:

I don’t know which country you’re in, but if it’s The Netherlands, then you should check the deals offered by mobile operators on the Belsimpel website - they have Fairphones in monthly instalments.

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