Pay for Fairphone via Bitcoin

For international payments, Bitcoin is very convenient. Is there an option to buy a Fairphone 2 and pay via Bitcoin?

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It seems the only payment options accepted by the Fairphone shop are the usual archaic, painful, long-winded and generally regretful banking-related payment methods :frowning:

I’m also looking to buy a new phone at the moment, and would ideally like to buy an FP2, but it seems I won’t be able to in this case. Frankly I have lost so much time and money in my life to banks (and Paypal at one time), that I now avoid using them at all costs. Unfortunately, that means people like myself and the OP won’t be able to get as ‘fair’ a deal as we would like for now!

So, as it seems I’m not the only one that would buy a phone with Bitcoin if the option were provided, it would be interesting to know what Fairphone’s stance is on digital currencies, and whether we can expect to be able to pay for our phones in the Fairphone shop with Bitcoin in the short-to-mid term future?

If so, and it’s not going to take more than a month or two to put in place (which as a web engineer I know it wouldn’t!), I might hold out for a while. Otherwise, my only remaining option (and perhaps the OP’s) will be to buy one of the usual ‘brand’ phones from a retailer that accepts Bitcoin :frowning:

My message has been marked as a ‘Solution’, but it is not!

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