🇫🇷 Pas d'accès aux données mobiles / FP2

Depuis un bon mois déjà je n’ai plus accès aux données mobiles sur mon FP2.
Aucun sigle 4G, 3G ou H+ ne s’affiche, et j’ai donc accès à internet que sur connexion wi-fi.
Mon compagnon a aussi un FP2. Nous avons les mêmes reglages pour les données mobiles, et lui y a pourtant accès.
Merci pour vos suggestions !

In English via Deepl:

For a good month now I no longer have access to mobile data on my FP2.
No 4G, 3G or H+ acronyms are displayed, so I only have access to the Internet via a wi-fi connection.
My partner also has an FP2. We have the same settings for mobile data, and yet he has access to them.
Thank you for your suggestions!

There are several threads available here describing such connectivity troubles, please also use the search function.
Maybe start with this or read through this if you like.
It could be a problem with your antenna but there are also other dependencies that take influence in proper reception.
Here is a lot to be found on this concern.

As an initial measure I would suggest changing SIM cards vice versa to see if this could be a problem on the provider’s side …
Exactly this is what happened to me a week ago.

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