Parts of the touchscreen don't work - See first post for troubleshooting

when I am writing text on the phone keyboard (SMS or mail for ex.) my FP2 does not allow me to use the bottom-left part of the screen. so i can not digit A - Z - Q - S - shift key and numeric key.
this happens only in writing mode, the rest of the time the screen’s sensitivity is fine.
to notice that when the keybord phone is in orizontal way, it works fine on texting SMS and has problems only in mail mode for the two lignes on the bottom : shift - Z - X - C - V - B - N - M - delete - numeric - comma - space - dot - enter.
any issue??

I’ve moved your topic to this one, because I think it’s the same problem. You could try a drawing test, like other users did in this thread.

Hello everyone, after my distress call on February 24, I got good news. I contact fair phone support by phone, they where very much into understanding my problem and fast to react, as soon as they understood that it was a screen (hardware) problems, they send me the spare part. Three days after I had it personally delivered at my door and now my phone is working perfectly. So I’m very happy and I can show it again to my friends to make them want to be part of the movement.
Best regards to everyone and bravo to the Fairphone support, in my experience I only encounter professionals and caring peoples.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


Hey @vordprefect , @borisfer , @Reitho ,
any news on your approaches? My right side of the screen is now almost dysfunctional. I’m waiting for your results to see which path to take.

Hi Rey,

this weekend I just received my fairphone 2 back from repair. Ive tested not so much because I hadnt time to install all the apps I used - but now I have no problems to use the touchscreen in all areas.

Now I need some time to install all the apps and import my data again ;).


Hello all, since approx. a week I’ve got the same issue like @Reitho and @nivoliev, left side of the touchscreen is not reacting (or letters are shifted 1 place right, e.g. when typing “q” I get “w”, “a” -> “s” etc.).
I can confirm that dis- and re-mounting the display didn’t change anything (however, theview inside the phone was really interesting!).
Removing the screen protector (this one) didn’t change anything.

So it looks I’ll have to contact support about this.
@Reitho: did I understand you right, that you didn’t have to turn in your phone but directly got a new display as spare part?

Have a nice Sunday,

Hi, thanks for moving.
I tried a drawing test with 2 differents app and had the same result.

It’s strange cause it seems another part of the screen not responding when I draw and when I write text (?).
I also experienced twice something similar to this

Is that depeding from the same issue??
I think that I’ll write to support and ask for screen replacement.

Hello Guys, have a similar problem. My left side of the screen is not working properly.

Reboot the phone nor dis-, reassemble the screen help to get rid of the problem. I took a screenshot and opened a support ticket.
Hopefully not to many phones are affected.

Hi there, I’ve opened a suppport ticket and attached this screenshot from “Screen Touch Test” app.


Support is understaffed, and tickets get no answer : mine waited more than two weeks without an answer until I called support. I got fairphone staff on the phone a few days ago, and they started the return procedure. Strangely for me, they proposed that the phone be returned whereas for @Reitho they seem to have sent a replacement screen, which would be more convenient. Maybe I’ll receive the proposal during the return procedure. Anyway, as others said above, do not wait for the ticket to get an answer, call them straightaway, and retry later when your call doesn’t succeed.

Today it got worse, cant use left side and right side of the display anymore, i hope the support will contact me soon.


my FP2 now is replaced. I also had to call the support by phone because they have not enough staff to handle the tickets.
The new touchscreen is working now.

today I had a struggle day using FP2. I was trying to read an address on Gmail but several ghost touches didn’t let me in. only removing the battery stop them, but when I turned it on they started again and this almost blocked the SIM with 2 wrong PIN (!!!)
the phone was unusable during 15min. I had to remove the battery 3-4 times to acheive reading the address.
I wrote to support mentioning that I had theese 2 issues togheter (starting with blind letters and now join with ghost touches) and definitely this one is the most disturbing.
hope to have back a normal phone soon…

Hey @Rey_B,

I got my new Fairphone 2 on Friday. I was very busy this week-end, so I only opened the package a couple hours ago. The brand new Fairphone seems to be working fine, now I also need to re-install all my apps and import my data.

My opinion: the return procedure was pretty long, time-demanding, and you definitely need to call support if you want a follow-up on your ticket. Although it cost me time and energy (more than 5 weeks since I opened the ticket, even more since the problem started) to get this solved, the employees from Fairphone were very pleasant all the way.


I just called support via phone and they told me I need to send the whole phone in to their repair center. So just sending a replacement screen is not an option as support told me. They just sent me an email how to proceed.
The whole procedure (from sending it in to having the repaired phne back at my place) is supposed to take 15 working days.

Good news for me (even if it’s kind of weird): yesterday my touchscreen issue was exactly as described in my post 4 days ago, this afternoon I realized that the non-working left part was reduced to approx. 0,5 cm (from originally / yesterday ~1 cm, see attached screenshot from 2016-03-24-15-09-48):

This meant that I almost could use the whole keyboard, only “q” was giving a “w”, but tipping on “a” was returning an “a” again (not the “s” anymore)

An hour ago I increased touch and hold delay from short to medium (as recommended in this thread) and now the touchscreen is fully operational as can be seen here (screenshot from 2016-03-24-19-45-59):

Since I’m not really believing in self healing technical stuff (too long in IT, I fear) I started thinking what might have caused the change. I only can remember these three changes I did after the issue started:

  • Approx. 4 days after I recognized the problem I removed the protection foil (as mentioned), which didn’t change anything in the short term.
  • Since Monday (2016-03-21) I’m carrying my FP2 not in my trousers’ pocekt anymore, but in a Feuerwear case (also see this thread / post)
  • Today (2016-03-24) evening I changed the touch and hold delay.

Maybe anyone can verify / falsify if changing the touch and hold delay setting will help?
In case anything will change on my side I’ll update this thread.



I have the same problem. Yesterday, about half a cm from the left side of the touchscreen stoped working. A few hours later (I have no idea why, i didn’t do anything special) it worked again, but today it stopped working once more and another not working stripe “appeared”, located somewhere to the right of the middle. Now it looks like that (black: working, white: not working):

After reading @Phantomias7’s post today noon I checked again and found that also on my FP2 the issue returned, however, the non-working stripe is still on the left side. As originally, it’s approx. 1 cm again (ecreenshot 2016-03-25-14-00-34):

Some further checks / actions like

Since I did not do any other relevant changes to the phone I think I can rule out (at least in my case) finally that it’s a software issue.

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For me I think the best thing is :

  1. Do the ticket the more accurately you can.
  2. As I read on the fair phone support site somewhere, call them a week later so you are sure your ticket is seen and action are taken.

For me it worked and they were kind and fast to take action. I have know a back to work fair phone 2.

Sorry for the late answer, I didn’t had time until now.
Have a nice day everyone.

It worked like that for me, I thought that they had enough informations to be sure that it was a (screen part) problem, and the fact is that it was because my phone is back to 100% now.