Page warranty/register-fairphone-4 is hanging : I cannot register my new phone

I cannot upload the proof of purchase: the page hangs.
I have tried on the phone, but I did not know how to select a file, so I try on the PC, where I did select a file, but then the page does not want to continue. There is no error message, no time-out, just endless waiting. (well, about one hour)

What am I doing wrong ?

I have the same problem.

In case the issue is not already persisting for days I would try again tomorrow. If is persists please #contactsupport


I had that problem also, but it worked for me on the next day :slight_smile:
Otherwise #contactsupport

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Thanks to you all for your replies.
I have just been able to register my FP4. The upload of the proof of purchase has worked and I have received the warranty extension.

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So did I. All completed very promptly.

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