Overall a great phone so far but

So I am comming from using an ASUS Zenfone 6, maybe thats already an influence on the experience because on paper the Fairphone is not better in most ways.

I am happy so far with the experience so far tho.

What I really miss is an Equalizer, the Speakers can sound better when an Equalizer is applied and the ones I found are not always applying the settings or do not allow much for free.

I already set up my phone, therefore I really don’t want to switch the OS.

Furthermore I would love to see a shortcut for uninstalling apps. Why do I need to hold and open the App-Info menu if I could hold the app I want to delete and have the option to do so.

Also in my opinion the Main page should have the option to remove the date/clock widget and/or the bottom search bar. Although I see why it could be useful I would much rather have the option instead of the widget being permanently there.

A minor detail that I think can give more space on the screen is if the status bar would be a tiny notch shorter the symbols don’t take up the space it could have and the waterdrop styled camera wouldn’t cover any icons.

I am probably nit picking here but thats my opinion on the Fairphone 4 thus far.

tl:dr please get the Fairphone 4 an integrated Equalizer.

As a good example the style/function of ASUS’s AudioWizard for Android is a good reference.

Gives plenty of options and also gives a good overview of presets should you want one.
For Headphones it offered presets for normalizing sound but with bluetooth only devices I don’t think it will be necessary.

You can easily use another Launcher

Just hold the app and push up to deinstall, no need to go into the settings menu


I use Nova Launcher instead of the stock Launcher. It has plenty of great features but at the same time it’s slower due to the FP4 being on Android 11. Android 12 has better functionality for custom launchers.

I use Niagara launcher. No performance difference between my FP4 and a ZF8 with this launcher.