Over-ear bluetooth Headsets for Fairphone 2- recommendations?

I know the compatible Headphone/Headset list for Fairphone 2 but I didn’t find so much Over-ear Bluetooth Headsets. There is only one fully working (or buyable) match and even for this one*, it isn’t sure to work.
So since you can’t write Comments under the Guide, obviously because it’s only a Guide :upside_down_face:, I thought I try to get some recommendations from you folks!
Maybe someone tested a Headset whats created under fair conditions or so.

Looking forward to seeing your answers and recommendations, thank you very much! :kissing_heart:

So I found a Fair Headset but don’t know the Quality of it. Did anyone try those?
Seems as you can buy only the Headset Controller and put any Headphones you want on it. But again, how it the sound quality will be, maybe someone in this Forum knows?
Headphones + Controller: https://shop.shiftphones.com/shift-headphone-set.html
HS Controller: https://shop.shiftphones.com/shift-bh1-bluetooth-headset.html

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