Outlook add calendar on device

I use Outlook for emails and calendars. I do have 2 calendar accounts on my FP4 synchronised with Infomaniak (web services). All calendars are synchronised, from the agenda app I can see all my calendars from the 2 accounts, all fine.
With Outlook you have to add the calendars on your device, from the calendar tab click + and choose “Calendars on device”. On my FP4 I’m missing 1 account calendars, Outlook is not showing the calendars. Oddly I can add these calendars with Outlook installed on a Samsung A40, I do have the same settings, same Android 11 and same version of Outlook. Any idea what could be wrong?

Hi and a belated welcome to the community and forum.

Did you check that Outlook on the FP4 has the necessary permissions? Unfortunately I don’t have Outlook on the phone so I can’t be of much help.

Have you tried using (just for calendar access test) another app such as Etar, available on F-Droid?

Yes Outlook has the necessary permissions. I tested with Simple calendar and all calendars are available.

Thank you for the link! That worked for me!

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