Outgoing number withheld - how to change?

Hi Forum-ites, Can anyone help me with this problem on my Fairphone 3 please? When I call someone else from my contacts list (I am in the UK) they see “number withheld” instead of my name or number on their screen. I have two sim cards. If I call with the EE card it is OK, but with the UK Vodafone one (my main one) it says “number withheld”. If I dial a number using the keypad (rather than calling from my contact list), the phone automatically adds 1470 in front of the number which enables caller ID. I looked online and all the solutions go through menus in the phone app which don’t seem to exist on my FP3. Any ideas?

Out of curiosity have you tried switching SIM slots to see if it is SIM slot related. Further only one SIM can send data so I assume you have dealt with that.?

Hi David,

This functionality is provided by your operator. Here’s how to set it in standard Android (as on my own FP3)
Open the phone app.
Top right-hand corner, open the 3-dot menu
Calling accounts
Tap the name of your operator. If you have two SIMs you can manage them separately. You’ll want to choose Vodafone in the present case.
GSM call settings
Additional settings
Caller ID (this is YOUR ID on outgoing calls, not the ID of people that call you) > Show number.
If your number is currently being withheld then it will be currently set either to Hide number, or possibly Network default, in which case it’s the operator that’s causing the number to be withheld.

One of the longest Settings paths around, not surprising you didn’t find it.

Note - As stated at the top, this functionality is provided by the operator and the setting, in reality, is recorded in the operator’s system. There are other means of changing it than through the Android phone app. This means that potentially, the value shown in the phone app may not be the same as the value recorded by the operator, although when opening “GSM call settings”, the phone will attempt to retrieve current values from the operator. When you change the setting, the phone app just sends the requisite GSM service code to the operator.
If the setting shown in the phone app was already “Show number”, then I would advise you to change the setting to “Hide number”, wait for about 30s and then change it back to “Show number”.


Thank you OldRoutard. That works. I thought I’d looked in pretty much every menu option and I couldn’t find it. It is very well hidden! I still have no idea how it got set that way originally as I’ve never been into that menu before. Anyway, thanks for the solution. I’m glad I asked the Forum!


Glad to be of help.
As I stated, the operational value is not stored on the phone but in the operator’s system, so in the circumstances I think it was likely changed by some admin error. These things happen.

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