Out of the Blue the WIFI stopped working on my FP3 with /e/OS today

Out of the Blue the WIFI stopped working on my FP3 with /e/OS stopped working today.
When I type in my password it says wrong password. I am using the same password I used before and which I also use on my Laptop. The signal strength is okay.
Turned of Wifi automatic in case it all of a sudden might interfere.
I update to the latest e/OS release from 28 june 2022

Hi have you tried getting help from the murena forum . . .

There appears to be something wrong with my provider.I am looking into that at the moment. Thanks for the advise!

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If you have WIFI and BT problems, sometimes it can help to reset the connections completely.
You can find it in Settings - System - Options for reset - WIFI… (the options might be named slightly different since I´m using the German version of /e/).

Thank you very much Freigeist always good to have different options.
Compared to my previous Iphone I find the wifi connection very unstable on a Fairphone
Newpipe is extremely slow sometimes. It will only function smoothly if you bring down the resolution to 144p.

Hi Rogier,
What make and model of router are you using (I take it this is your home Wi-Fi we are talking about)?

Can you confirm this started just after updating to latest /e/ release?

Are you using Newpipe from F-Droid? Does the version from F-Droid work for you or did you install the ADK file from the Newpipe website?

@RFH I forgot to recommend the following: in your list of saved Wi-Fi networks, “forget” the one that’s causing problems and then re-connect. I expect that you’ve done that already but I’m reminding just in case.

Thank you Freigeist, stay free :wink:

Yes I am using Newpipe but I can’t remember if I downloaded it from Aurora or Fdroid, I think Aurora so not directly form Newpipe site.

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I am using a Experia 12 from KPN a company in Holland. I am not absolutely sure when it started. But from the fact it suddenly seemed to have become an issue I concluded it might have been the update
Have a good day!

I found out that an help-desk employee of the provider changed the SSID of my router 2,4 GHz. That is how I ended up with two names. One for the 2,4 and one for the 5 GHz.

Then you need to “forget” both SSIDs on the phone and then reconnect separately to each, making sure you know which is which. Normally 5 GHz is recommended, but it causes problems for the FP3 with some routers and in some circumstances. Check which channel is in use and let us know. Another important factor is the security aspect (authentication and encryption). I put a few ideas together here.

What great research you did. Thanks a lot, sounds promising to me.

They did what? And why?

I had problems with my router. I helpdesk employee gave the 2.4 another name. So I would recognize 2.5. and 5 by the name. Meanwhile I stopped using wifi at home and use 4G or cable also on the phone. Still I have issues with the speed of the 4G. Sometimes apps like odysee won’t even start.
The problem with the password, as mentioned above, was I typed in the 5Ghz password for the 2.4 connection. That was the reason the phone did not recognize.

Ok. But why do you give someone writing permissions to your router? From the security pov that’s quite unwise.

An alternative to different passwords is
a) The bands are identified by different names
b) Under Wi-Fi > Select each of 2.4GHz and 5GHz and disable Autoconnect
c) When you want to use one select the band and connect.

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Might be a router owned/provided by the internet provider. Those can be remotely accessed by provider admins.


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